Is it time for you to give back to you?

Or gift something extra special to someone you care about?


This is for one 50 minute Reiki session with Erin Paige.


For those who do not know what Reiki is, it is a Japanese technique (practiced for thousands of years) for stress reduction and relaxation while promoting healing. 


Rei: Universal
Ki: Life Energy


Who? Women, Men, Children, Animals 
Where? In Erin Paige's healing home in Overland Park or remote
How? Contact Erin Paige at



How I feel about workingwith my Reiki clients:

It is a joy to work with people and assist them in relaxation and release. 


I love what my Reiki study states about the Reiki logo: 
"The complete logo represents Reiki uniting God and humanity in harmony through the communication of love."


There are too many benefits with Reiki to list! Here are a few...


Benefits of Reiki:

Promotes Health and Well Being.

Helps with Pain and Discomfort.

Releases Stress and Tension.

Improves Sleep.

Builds Self-Esteem.

Encourages Mental Clarity.

Aids Relaxation.

Many more...


Reiki Session